Why outsource?


AMII Technology, the specialist outsourcing web offers its services in different areas, namely, creation of cheap websites, graphic realization white label, creative communication tools white label website referencing , content writing, 3D animations and many other activities.

 The web market is very variable, in case of over-production, no need to recruit for a few months. Hiring the services W2 if you miss staff or time.

 With experience in web AMII Technology outsourcing, the property offers quality work worthy of the made in France.

 Whether for a one-time need or an ongoing need, take your projects AMII Technology will guarantee you a quality product delivered within the agreed time.

 Benefits of AMII Technology are the other addressed to all web players wishing to develop their customer portfolio by increasing their efforts in the business part and by outsourcing part of the production.

 The rates charged by the agency are particularly accessible, web outsourcing will allow the French web agency to realize a considerable margin.


The advantages of web subcontracted AMII Technology

The objective of AMII Technology is becoming the leading outsourcing web worldwide. To do this, the agency particularly valued partner satisfaction by responding fully to his request.

 Each web project and is subject to a quality control before each final delivery. Furthermore, AMII Technology respects the confidentiality clause of non-disclosure of projects with each web partner.

 The hotel works only white label under any circumstances we come into direct contact with the end customer, because you will be the only interlocutor.

 Many and web professionals who entrust their projects to AMII Technology because they want to increase their productivity and increase their subsequent sales.

 The advantages of web subcontracted AMII Technology are multiple other hand, namely:

 • Presence of a project manager for each project to be carried out

 • ultra competitive pricing and incomparable value for price

 • evidential experience in the field of web outsourcing

 • French Team, experienced, skilled, responsive and contacted the French office hours

 • Confidentiality clause respecting the non-disclosure of projects with partners

 • No contact with the end customer

 • Timeliness of delivery

 • Monitoring the progress of the project in real time by web agency partner

 • Payment on delivery

 • Quality control before each final delivery


The production process of subcontracting web


With experience in web AMII Technology outsourcing, a production process according to the web project creation standards was set up so that the partner can see the evolution of the project in real time. The production steps are:

• Getting Started specifications for a project manager

• Production of web project on our test server for the partner to assess the evolution of the project

• Quality control before the first delivery made by a qualified team

• 1st delivery of the service requested and waiting for feedback

• Changes to customer feedback

• Quality control before final delivery

• final delivery to the customer’s server

• Customer Service


The website for independent contractors in commercial

AMII Technology works on the other hand closely with independent commercial selling the creation of Internet sites.

 Our web solutions are also intended for any industry, become our partner by offering our premium offers to individuals and businesses that are in your area.

 If you wish, we work on your behalf white label.

 We carry all production and instead your customer to know:

 • Creation of the graphic

 • Website Creation responsive design and custom

 • integration of content and Writing

 • Creation of customer demand regardless of the industry in the web

 • SEO of the completed project or an existing site

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